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MP Manager

Portal information system for city and municipal police

IS MP Manager is a new generation system, designed for city and municipal police to manage their agenda set by legislation, regardless of their size and territorial scope.

  • Maximizing work efficiency
  • Online from all services and mobile devices
  • Lustration ZR, CRŘ, RSV, ISEP, EVO, USEP, PATRMV, PATROS, RT etc.
  • Regular updates and continuous support
  • High Security - GDPR Compliant


Universal Parking Portal

Open web interface used to connect third-party payment methods intended for the payment of parking fees and for the registration of parking cards. At the same time, it serves to ensure control of payments and enforcement within the IS MP Manager.

  • WEB interface for citizens
  • Connection of parking meters, cameras, barriers, etc.
  • The unique identifier is the licence plate of the vehicle
  • Automation of recovery processes
  • Statistics and map outputs for parking policy planning


Artificial intelligence to control parking

CamCar technology enabling online control of the licence plates of parked vehicles in the form of "validation" of a suspected offense with real-time distribution of data to the city police.

  • More than 98% automatic licence plate search success
  • Instalace na libovolné vozidlo
  • Special GPS and map algorithms
  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Personnel savings - overall strengthening of security in the city


Online vehicle inspection from your phone

The most modern tool for comprehensive lustration of vehicle licence plates online connected with IS MP Manager.

  • Native application for Android OS
  • Real-time access to the system and databases
  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Portable between mobile devices


Section speed measurement

Own solution developed in cooperation with ČD Telematika with direct integration into the MP Police city police information system.

  • Certified by the Czech Metrology Institute
  • Application of the latest technologies
  • Includes automatic violation processing
  • Very simple extension with another MUR


Assurance of timely help

The unique patented technology ensuring the safety of endangered persons, which is intended especially for the elderly and lonely persons, but can also be used by children, the physically or medically handicapped and other endangered persons.

  • SOS button for calling for help
  • Fall sensor
  • GPS location
  • Callback
  • Connection to the central security desk in your city

Data center and VPN services

Following a more than 20-year tradition of providing data services, we are able to offer the highest quality last mile service at more than 800 locations with an optical backbone network and all related services, including our own VPN concentrator.

FT Technologies a.s. (FTT) as a member of the DaNNet Group continues the 15-year tradition in the field of IT services with a focus on network operation and directly and indirectly related issues in many dozens of companies. There is trust between client employees and FTT, based on knowledge of internal processes and the capabilities of individual users. This allows us to make effective decisions in the management and maintenance of the entire network.

LOXONE automation

Really smart home, building automation and industrial technology.

As a Silver Partner of the LOXONE brand, we can automate your home, offices, building management technologies or industrial processes. From light control, complex measurement and control (MaR), control of blinds and shutters in the most elegant way you can imagine to security or irrigation. Let yourself show how easy LOXONE automation can be used in an existing building or in a new building. Let yourself be captivated by the control of your house from your mobile phone, wherever you are in the world. We are ready to consult with you about your ideas and propose the most suitable solution. We are really good at it.